MIND What Matters 'Treble Your Profits' Intensive Workshop

Very Likely The Most Intensive Workshop Experience Of Your Life! 

Ten hours of intensive workshop focusing on you and your business. Normally run in four sessions over two or three days. Can be taken in a single day (subject to demand)

The MIND What Matters framework works on three levels:

Level 1: The core business functions - Marketing, Intensity, Numbers and Differentiation

Level 2: Doing business with purpose, on purpose - If it matters, mind it. If it doesn't matter, stop doing it.

Level 3: What REALLY matters - Every business is a reflection of the owner, by design or by default.

Session One - The Right Frame of MIND

Session Two - Marketing & Intensity

Session Three - Run the Numbers

Session Four - Differentiation

Guaranteed Outcome #1: A No-Frills, No-Fluff, REAL plan to Treble Your Profits in 90 days or less. IF you participate fully in this event, you WILL come away with the promised plan.

Guaranteed Outcome #2: IF you implement that plan, you WILL get the promised result.

IF, despite fulfilling the participation and implementation requirements to the best of your ability and making all reasonable efforts to do so, you have not achieved the promised result within 90 days, I will continue to work with you at no additional cost until you have recovered your investment in full.